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Julie Miller, Conference Manager

Julie Miller transitioned into the role of Conference Manager just a few short months ago. She was formerly our Meetings and Reservations Manager and also worked in the UCSB Public Events Office. We thought we’d ask how things were going:

How would you describe the job responsibilities of this position?
I am responsible for providing impeccable service and planning for our conference groups. I work closely with other campus departments to secure meeting and sleeping space, coordinate meals, and many other details to ensure a smooth stay.

What do you like the most about your job?
I truly enjoy coming to the office every day to work with conference and housing staff. They are an amazing group of people that are incredibly smart, dedicated, reliable, friendly and fun. I first came to UCSB to attend a leadership camp, so it is rewarding for me to now work with summer conference groups to provide them with a memorable experience like I had.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing?
I spend most of my time finding interesting things to do in Santa Barbara with friends, going to parks and riding bikes with my 4-year old daughter. I am very involved with volunteering for UCSB Children’s Center events. I also love going to the beach, eating out and visiting with family.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would save the money to use for one (or maybe more) amazing trips every year for the rest of my life. I would be so grateful to be able to travel to see the world. I would also restore my Jeep CJ7 that I have owned for over 20 years!

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