Helping Students Succeed - Student Testimonial

I began work for Conference Services in the summer after my first year. I was hired to work as a Guest Services Representative in the Channel Islands 5 residence halls. In my first year as a GSR I worked on a staff with fifteen other students and two student managers. One of the best parts about that summer was being able to meet new people who I would never have otherwise met. Not only did I make lifelong connections with my coworkers, I made connections with our diverse conference guests -- connections that I have been able to maintain every summer. Furthermore, I was able to develop my communication and problem-solving skills.
In my second year, I applied for the Guest Services Manager position and was able to work as alongside one of my previous managers as her co-manager. As a manager for two summers, I have hired my own staff of sixteen students, trained them, scheduled them, and supervised them. Through this experience I have learned how to facilitate learning, growth, and teamwork among my staff. While managing a team is not always easy, it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Learning how to communicate and work with people is one of the greatest skills anyone could have, and I am grateful that working for UCSB Conference Services was able to provide me with a head start on real-world working experience. 
Jack Giuliano
Guest Services Manager
UCSB Conference Services

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