storke field

Gym & Field Rental

Field and gym rentals at UCSB offer a scenic and versatile choice to host practices for any sport, whether you need a range of athletic fields or a variety of indoor gym spaces. Choose from field rental options like Storke Field, the Lacrosse Pit, baseball and softball fields, or larger venues like Harder Stadium. UCSB also provides athletic camps access to the gyms for special events, training, or indoor practice. Plan mornings warming up in the Aquatic Center, or take advantage of the Department of Recreation’s Adventure Programs with surf and kayak excursions in the afternoons.

UCSB gym rentals offer an affordable and convenient option to host a successful summer athletic camp. Guests are easily accommodated in our comfortable residence halls and experience a unique preview of college life while preparing for their next athletic event. Many UCSB residence halls feature large lawns and green spaces, providing an ideal setting for teambuilding events and group gatherings. Beyond field and gym rentals, UCSB offers a variety of functional indoor and outdoor spaces, so you’re sure to find the perfect place to gather athletes and guests for everything from large group activities to lively outdoor meals.

Discover the ways field and gym rentals at UCSB can offer your sports camp a successful and rewarding summer training experience.