Summer Catering Locations

Main Campus Locations

Lagoon Plaza
A large patio nestled between Corwin Pavilion, the University Center, and the Multicultural Center, Lagoon Plaza is centrally located and offers sweeping views of the UCSB Lagoon. This space is ideal for groups meeting in the University Center.
Capacity: 250
Uses: Catered events, poster sessions, and exhibitions
Storke Plaza
This is a very large public plaza ideal for large groups and well suited for catered meals, dances, and exhibitions. The plaza is located at the base of Storke Tower, the most visible landmark on campus.

Capacity: 3000
Uses: Catered events, dances, live entertainment, poster sessions, and exhibitions

Manzanita Village Quad Lawns
Located on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the UCSB Lagoon, the three Manzanita Village quad lawns (Las Encinas, La Patera, and Los Robles) are perfect for a variety of catered events.

  • Las Encinas: 300
  • La Patera: 300 Los Robles: 300

Uses: Catered events and live entertainment

Loma Pelona Center
The Loma Pelona Center is adjacent to Manzanita Village and includes two conference rooms with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, a recreation room, and a patio overlooking the UCSB Lagoon.


  • Patio: 100
  • Room 1108: 148 (banquet)/148 (lecture)
  • Room 1100: 160 (banquet)/160 (lecture)

Uses: Formal meeting space, catered events, poster sessions, and exhibitions

Residence Hall Lawns
Lawns can be reserved around Anacapa, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, San Miguel, and San Nicolas Residence Halls.
Capacity: 50–400
Uses: Catered events, outdoor games, and live entertainment

Additional Locations

Goleta Beach
Just a 10–15 minute walk from campus, Goleta Beach offers sweeping views of the Goleta coast, the UCSB campus, and the Santa Ynez Mountains. This county beach has public restrooms, showers, barbecue pits, volleyball nets, and playground equipment.
Capacity: 360
Uses: Catered events and outdoor games
West Conference Center
The West Conference Center offers a secluded setting ideal for retreats, meetings and social functions. This venue offers maximum flexibility and includes two multi-purpose rooms, and two breakout spaces.
Capacity: 200
Uses: Group retreats and catered events
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Located just behind the Santa Barbara Mission, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History offers a wooded creekside setting with historic buildings and special exhibits that are open for viewing during events.
Capacity: 348
Uses: Catered events and lectures