"The conference & hospitality services staff at UCSB is absolutely awesome. They are extremely professional and their attention to detail is spectacular. From pre-planning to post-meeting follow up, I've never met a greater group of people to work with!"
- Mo Lovegreen, UC/CSU/CCC Sustainability

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a summer conference at UCSB is the variety of event locations available to you.  From state-of-the art meeting halls to secluded retreat settings; our spaces are well-suited to accommodate a broad range of events.

Residence Hall & Apartment Spaces

  • Designed for flexibility and convenience, residence halls and apartments at UCSB provide effective meeting spaces and conference facilities complete with comfortable lodging and gourmet dining options. UCSB features a variety of university residence halls and apartments, each with professional meeting spaces and facilities. Make your next summer conference a success with a university residence hall and apartment rental at UCSB.


  • Throughout UCSB’s scenic campus, you’ll find your choice of campus rentals well suited for corporate meetings and traditional conferences, large and small. Loma Pelona Center, University Center, and the West Conference Center come equipped with all the resources you’ll need to host a successful seminar, workshop, or leadership conference.


  • Take advantage of our picture-perfect location and plan some of your group’s events at the variety of off-campus rental locations just minutes from UCSB. Beneficial for group events, athletic camps, or corporate meetings, unique off-site rental spaces provide additional flexibility.