Planner's Timeline

Organizing a conference at a public university is a unique and exciting experience. This timeline provides an overview of our approach to conference planning and management.

  1. Inquiry

    1. The first step is submitting an inquiry. Our office reviews your inquiry to determine availability
  2. Estimate

    1. Once lodging availability is confirmed, we will contact you and conduct a brief needs assessment in order to provide you with a cost estimate
  3. Site Tour

    1. Potential clients are strongly encouraged to take a site tour to view our residential accommodations, dining commons, and applicable meeting spaces.
  4. Client Profile

    1.  After you have received your estimate and taken a site tour, you will be asked to complete a Client Profile that provides information for the contract process. Once your application is approved, the Conference Manager assigned to your program will contact you.
  5. Agreement:  Your Conference Manager will prepare three documents that will formally begin the planning process.

    1. The Conference Agreement indicates the conference dates, number of bed spaces and attendees, room and board package prices, insurance requirements, non-refundable deposit amount, and important reservation deadlines.
    2. The Organizer Packet includes deadlines, reservation penalty explanations, insurance requirements, and information about the registration process and campus Internet access.
    3. Important documents such as the Adult/Youth Conference Regulations and a Campus Facilities Rate Sheet will be e-mailed to you closer to your conference start date.
  6. Planning

    1. Meeting
      1. Your Conference Manager will coordinate all meeting space. Your tentative conference agenda is an important component of the planning process and a tentative agenda should be submitted to your Conference Manager in March.  
    2. Sleeping
      1. Your Conference Manager will coordinate all on-campus sleeping arrangements. A guaranteed number of attendees must be submitted 90 days prior to your conference start date. Soon after your guaranteed number is submitted, your Conference Manager will send you a template so you may begin room assignments. Please be sure to notify your Conference Manager of any disability accommodation needs.
    3. Eating
      1. A Conference Dining Coordinator, with the help of your Conference Manager, will arrange all meals. Once your agreement has been finalized, a Conference Dining Coordinator will contact you directly regarding your meals in the dining commons, as well as special catered events.
  7. Order Services

    1. Meeting
      1. Once all of your meeting needs have been assessed, your Conference Manager will begin reserving your meeting facilities and ordering audio-visual equipment. Your final conference agenda is due 30 days prior to your conference start date. Audio-visual needs must be submitted two weeks prior to your conference start date.
    2. Sleeping
      1. The final participant list and room assignments are due seven days prior to your conference start date. Conference & Hospitality Services will prepare a final room list, key cards, and parking permits for the guest service desk(s) attending to your group.
    3. Eating
      1. Your Conference Dining Coordinator will send you the meal schedules for your assigned dining commons. A budget and menu will also be included for all catered events. A guaranteed guest count for each catered event is required five working days prior to the conference start date.
  8. Estimated Fees Payment

    1. Estimated Fees Payment is due 2 weeks prior to your conference start date
    2. Soon after your guaranteed number is submitted, your Conference Manager will compile an Estimated Fees invoice that consists of your guaranteed number of participants x the main room and board package + any known catering or facility fees. This is due 2 weeks prior to your conference start date.  Any remaining balance is billed after our conference season ends in September/October.  
  9. Conference

    1. Once your UCSB conference begins, you can be confident that the details are properly planned and scheduled, so your focus can shift to managing and directing your events. Your Conference Manager will always be on call and working behind the scenes to ensure that you and your guests have rewarding and successful experiences. Upon departure, a web-based survey will be emailed to you so that you and your participants can fully evaluate our services and facilities.
  10. Department Billing

    1. Once the conference is over, your Conference Manager will collect the invoices from the various vendors and service providers that worked with your group. Note that this process can take time since campus departments only produce invoices once a month.
  11. Conference Billing

    1. All the invoices related to your conference will be compiled as promptly as possible into a master bill that will be sent to you 60–90 days after completion of your program.


conference planning timeline graphic