Sports & Cheer Camps

Sports/cheer camp facilities and accommodations at UCSB are an easy and affordable way to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and incomparable amenities.  Whether you’re planning a collegiate or high school camp, UCSB Conference & Hospitality Services will assist you with every detail.

Sports Camps

UCSB provides athletes a unique opportunity to preview college life, while getting the ultimate summer sports camp experience. Flexible spaces in residence halls and apartments are the perfect place for team meetings and activities outside of practice.  Meals in the dining commons are an critical part of the sports camp experience, and UCSB offers a wide variety of options for every hungry athlete.  Complete with state-of-the-art facilities to host practices - from outdoor playing fields to indoor gymnasium space - UCSB provides an affordable way to run a memorable camp.

Cheer Camps

Summer cheer camp at UCSB provides the perfect combination of stunning surroundings and first rate facilities. Residence halls provide collaborative places for cheer squads of all sizes to stay as a group, and include meeting spaces for team and group activities. Dining commons located in, or near to residence halls offer award-winning, all-you-can-eat meals. With no shortage of suitable spaces, coaches can hold cheer camp practices at outdoor playing fields or bring routines inside for more structured cheer activities.  Santa Barbara’s picturesque location, inviting weather, complete amenities, and affordable rates make UCSB the perfect place to hold a summer cheer camp!   

For additional information about sports and cheer camps at UCSB, contact Conference & Hospitality Services or call (805) 893-3072 to speak with a Conference Manager today.