Conference Attendee Guide

Welcome to UCSB

  • UCSB Conference & Hospitality Services is pleased to welcome you to our beautiful oceanside campus. We strive to make our summer conference program among the best through comfortable accommodations, exceptional dining, and outstanding customer service. This quick reference guide will introduce you to many of the available campus resources. During your stay, visit with our friendly and helpful student front desk staff who know the campus better than anyone.

Wireless Internet

  • It’s now easier than ever for UCSB guests to join our on-campus wireless network. All you need to do is pick “UCSB Wireless Web” from the network options and select “Guest Registration” under the credential login. Once you register, you’ll receive an SMS/text message with a username and password, which is enabled for a seven-day connection.

Dining Commons

  • UCSB has four Dining Commons (De La Guerra, Ortega, Carrillo, and Portola) located near the residence halls. Most conference groups staying in the residence halls have meals included in their package plans, and some apartment groups have meals included. Please refer to your conference schedule for your specific meal times and assigned Dining Commons.

Other Campus Dining Locations

  • Multiple dining options are available throughout campus for conferees who do not have meals included in their package plans.

University Center, Main Level


Santorini Island Grill
University Center, Main Level

Subway at the Arbor
Between Girvetz Hall, Kerr Hall, and Davidson Library.
Courtyard Café
South of Elings Hall and Lot 10.
Jamba Juice
University Center, Main Level
Route 217
University Center, Lower Level
Woodstock's Pizza at the Arbor
Between Girvetz Hall, Kerr Hall, and Davidson Library.
The Club at UC Santa Barbara
South of Theater & Dance Bldg.
University Center, Main Level
Panda Express (Asian)
University Center, Lower Level

Coral Tree Café
South of Student Affairs Bldg, Administrative Services Bldg and Cheadle Hall

University Center, Main Level

University Center, Lower Level

Convenience Shops

  • Convenience shops operated by the University Center are located throughout campus. Each shop offers a variety of snacks, baked goods, beverages, candy, school supplies and newspapers.
    • The Arbor
      • Between Girvetz Hall, Kerr Hall, and Davidson Library.
      • 805-893-4164
    • Corner Store
      • On the north side of the University Center facing Storke Plaza.
      • 805-893-459
    • The Store at Buchanan Hall
      • 805-893-3748

UCSB Recreation Center

  • The UCSB Recreation Center is located on the north side of campus and is open to the public with the purchase of a day pass. The Recreation Center has two swimming pools, several gymnasiums, three weight rooms, two squash courts, five racquetball courts, a climbing wall, a Jacuzzi, a pottery studio, and locker facilities. Day passes are available for $20.


  • The UCSB Library is open to the public and welcomes the community and visitors. To borrow materials, community members must obtain a UCSB Library Card. 

University Center

  • The University Center (UCen) is a central campus hub with a food court, the UCSB bookstore, printing and postal services, conference meeting rooms, study lounges, Internet workstations, and ATMs.
    • Post Office
      • Offers full postal services as well as P.O. Box rentals. Located on the lower level of the University Center. Monday–Friday: 9:00am–4:00pm
      • 805-893-8253
    • The UCSB Campus Store
      • Sells UCSB apparel, gifts, books, periodicals, DVDs, school/office supplies, souvenirs, computers, software and artwork. You can also shop online at
      • 805-893-3271
      • Offers a full range of copying, imaging and large-scale reprographic services with free pick-up and delivery anywhere on campus.
      • 805-699-6342


  • Wells Fargo ATMs are available inside the main entrance to the UCen, as well as on the outside wall next to Romaine’s. A Bank of America ATM is located on the exterior wall of the Arbor.

Campus Tours

  • Walk with a current student or UCSB alumnus on a 90 minute campus tour. Tours begin at the Visitor Center and run Monday through Friday at noon and 2 pm. The Visitor Center is located on the first floor of the Student Affairs Administrative Services Building (SAASB), adjacent to the Mesa Parking Structure (Lot 18).

Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD)

  • Explore Santa Barbara on a MTD bus! Visit the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) website at for a list of routes and schedules. The UCSB Express (24x) runs frequently from the Camino Real Marketplace in Goleta to UCSB and then to the Transit Center in downtown Santa Barbara.

Health & Medical Facilities

  • The following facilities are available to provide medical care:
    • Emergency Rooms
      • Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Emergency Room 351 South Patterson Avenue, Goleta CA 93111 805-967-3411
    • Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Emergency Room
      • 320 W Pueblo St, Santa Barbara CA 93105 805-682-7111
    • Non-Emergency Local Urgent Care
      • Fairview MedCenter
        • 271 N. Fairview Goleta CA 93117 805-681-7411
      • Med Centers
        • 2954 State Street Santa Barbara CA 93105 805-682-7411
      • Sansum Clinic Urgent Care 
        • 215 Pesetas Lane Santa Barbara CA 93110 805-563-6100
    • UCSB has a fully equipped Paramedic Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance that responds to medical emergencies on the UCSB campus and provides transportation to any local hospital.

Pharmacies Close to UCSB

  • Costco Drug Store
    • 7095 Marketplace Drive, Goleta CA 93117 805-685-4141
  • Walgreen's
    • 5900 Calle Real, Goleta CA 93117 805-967-3798
  • CVS Drug Store
    • 5875 Calle Real, Goleta CA 93117 805-964-6991
  • Rite Aid
    • 199 N. Fairview Ave., Goleta CA 93117 805-964-9892

Safety & Security on Campus

  • Your safety and security is our top priority. Unlike many colleges that have security guards or night patrols with limited legal authority, UCSB has its own police department with the same police authority and responsibilities as any other police department in the state. Officers are trained under state guidelines and have statewide jurisdiction, but generally limit their operations to University property and Isla Vista (community directly west of the main UCSB campus).
  • The Community Service Organization (CSO) consists of a group of students who work with the Campus Police Department to serve the safety and security needs of the campus community. CSO officers can be identified by their blue and yellow shirts and the radios they carry which keep them in direct contact with the police. CSO officers provide a night escort service for any individuals who might otherwise be walking or riding alone. Escorts are available on campus, in Isla Vista, and between campus and Isla Vista. It's easy to arrange for an escort: simply pick up any blue campus emergency phone or dial (805) 893-2000.

Beach Safety

  • Be sure to follow these Red Cross beach safety guidelines while at the beach.
    • Most important – learn to swim, and learn how to swim in the surf. It’s not the same as swimming in a pool or lake. To stay safe, both adults and children should know how to swim.
    • Never swim alone.
    • Swim sober. Water and alcohol don’t mix. Alcohol impairs your judgment, balance and coordination; you need all three to be safe in, on and around the water.
    • Be cautious at all times and check local weather conditions. If in doubt, don’t go out.
    • Leash your surfboard or bodyboard to your ankle or wrist. With a leash, the user will not become separated from the floatation device.
    • Don’t float where you can’t swim. Non-swimmers should not use floatation devices to go offshore. If they fall off, they can quickly drown. No one should use a floatation device unless they are able to swim.
    • Don’t dive headfirst, protect your neck. Serious, lifelong injuries, including paraplegia, as well as death, occur every year due to diving headfirst into unknown water and striking the bottom. Bodysurfing can result in a serious neck injury when the swimmer's neck strikes the bottom.
    • Stay at least 100 feet away from piers and jetties. Permanent rip currents often exist near these structures.
    • Pay especially close attention to children and elderly persons when at the beach. Even in shallow water, wave action can cause a loss of footing.
    • Keep a lookout for aquatic life. Water plants and animals may be dangerous. Avoid patches of plants. Leave animals alone.
    • Make sure you always have enough energy to swim back to shore.
    • Bonfires are not permitted on the beach due to the dry climate and brush along the bluffs


  • Call 911 for emergencies or immediate response 24 hours a day. The non-emergency campus Dispatch number is 805-893-3446.
  • In an emergency involving the UCSB campus, such as a local wildfire or earthquake:
  • Tune to radio station KCSB-FM (91.9) or AM 1610 for emergency information.
  • Visit the campus website for links to event updates and resource information,
  • Visit the campus emergency phone number site for numbers and links,
  • Call (888) 488-UCSB (8272) to hear a recorded information message.