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The Loma Pelona Center is a multipurpose facility located on the west side of the main campus near Manzanita Village. The 8000-square-foot layout includes two auditorium style rooms with sliding partitions and restrooms. An outdoor patio offers spectacular views of the campus lagoon.

Please note that all reservation requests must be submitted at least 12 days in advance. The Loma Pelona Center is not available for reservations during Finals Week, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, or Spring Break.

UCSB Special Events Catering is the exclusive caterer for the Loma Pelona Center and maintains first right of refusal for all catered events at the Loma Pelona Center.  

Room Capacities & Rates

Room Capacity Rates (off-campus/on-campus)
  Max Lecture classroom banquet up to 4 hrs additional hrs *room setup **additional labor
1108-Entire Space+Patio 140 140 72 120 $400/$200 $90/hr; $40/hr $100 $20/hr
1100-Entire Space 140 140 72 120 $400/$200 $90/hr; $40/hr $100 $20/hr
*Room setup fee: If setup required differs from the standard setup.
**One staff member is always present at the LPC when an event is occurring.  If additional staff members are needed during an event, there is an additional fee.

Each Loma Pelona Center reservation includes (at no additional cost) a 30 minute window before the event and a 30 minute window after the event to allow you time for setup and cleanup.  If you require additional setup and/or cleanup time beyond this, you will be charged at the additional hours rate ($90/hr for off-campus group, $40/hr for on-campus groups).

Room Holds and Fees

You may place a hold on one of the LPC rooms as a backup facility, but there will be a fee ($100 for on-campus groups and $200 for off-campus groups) if the hold is released fewer than 30 days before the event takes place.  If the held room is used for the event, all standard facility fees will apply.

Standard Room Setup

Room Default Set-Up Displays Sound
1108 Lecture Style for 70 159" screen + (4) 52" & (2)
70” HDTV LCD displays
Surround Sound
1100 Lecture Style for 70
159" screen + (4) 52" & (2)
70” HDTV LCD displays
Surround Sound
*Divider walls can be set up in 1100 and 1108 to create two smaller spaces in each room if needed.  The rate for using a Loma Pelona room with or without the divider is the same, and if you'd like the divider to be set up, please note that in your reservation request.

Media Equipment

The following audio-visual equipment is available in the main Loma Pelona multi-purpose rooms:

Equipment Monitors
  • Microphones: (1) Wired on podium and (1) Wireless (handheld or lavalier/lapel)
  • Laptop connection to monitors and projector for video and sound
  • Blu-Ray/DVD Player
  • Cable Television
  • 3.5mm input (headphone jack) for MP3 player and iPod connection
  • Speaker Phone
  • 1 x Projector screen with 159” screen equivalent in the front of the room
  • 2 x 52” monitors in the front of the room
  • 2 x 70” monitors in the middle of the room
  • 2 x 52” monitors in the back of the room

Media Equipment & Furniture Rates

The Loma Pelona Center has chairs and a variety of tables available for your use (see below).  If additional furniture is necessary, only furniture delivered and set up by Furniture Services or a professional rental company is allowed.  For questions, please contact Conference & Hospitality Services at (805) 893-3072.

Equipment/Furniture Rates
PA System (with own equipment & sound only) No Charge
Video Media (LCD Displays; Blu-Ray/DVD Player; Data Projector) $125/day/room
Speaker Phone (Long Distance calling charges not included) $25/day
Round Tables - 66" (up to 15 available) $6/table
Classroom Tables - 6' x 18" (up to 48 available) $6/table
Furniture Rental Storage Fee (See below for more details) $200/wknd

Furniture Rental Storage

There is a $200 Furniture Rental Storage Fee if you rent furniture from Furniture Services, Bright Event Rentals, etc., and we store it for you in the Loma Pelona Center over all or a portion of the weekend.  Furniture rentals for a weekend event cannot be delivered before 1:00pm on Friday and must be removed by noon on Monday (or earlier if possible).


  • The Loma Pelona Center is located on campus near Manzanita Village and San Rafael residence halls.  See our map (the Loma Pelona Center is outlined in a red box in the lower left quadrant).

Walking Times

  • Beach (4 minutes)
  • University Center (6 minutes)
  • Carrillo Dining Commons (1 minute)
  • Parking Structure 22 (5 minutes)
  • Bus Circle (12 minutes)


  • Email: lomapelona (at) housing.ucsb.edu
  • Phone: (805) 893-3072